ALERT: CRITICAL Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU-A) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 6, 7:00 pm. Zoning Review Board meeting on Thursday, August 8, 6:00 pm.

Both can be attended in-person. The NPU-A meeting will be held at the Atlanta Speech School, 3160 Northside Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. 30327. The ZRB meeting will be held at Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, GA. 30303.

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Join GASP in preserving the historic Gresham Building at The Galloway School. Discover our mission to protect our heritage, engage with our community, and advocate for adaptive reuse.


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It would be a travesty’: Petitions to save historic Atlanta building from demolition
Saporta Report - Galloway School delays plan to demolish historic building as preservation petition launches


The heart of Atlanta’s Chastain Park is home to a story of heritage, community, and educational legacy embodied by the majestic Gresham Building at The Galloway School. This historic edifice has not only served as a beacon of learning since 1969 but also stands as a testament to our shared cultural heritage as the once Fulton County AlmsHouse, established in 1911. It has been recognized on the National Register of Historic Places since 2014. Today, it faces an unprecedented threat from plans by the current school administration for demolition and redevelopment aimed at expanding the school's facilities.

Our mission is to preserve this historic edifice, ensuring it continues to serve as a vibrant center for learning and community engagement. We invite you to join us in safeguarding our shared cultural heritage and the educational legacy of the Galloway School.

This campaign, spearheaded by GASP (Galloway Alumni and Supporters for Preservation), emerges as a guiding force, offering expertise and mobilizing support to counteract this loss. Our efforts are rooted in a comprehensive strategy that includes raising public awareness, legal advocacy, and collaborative dialogue, aiming to forge a path forward that embraces preservation and adaptive reuse.



Join by signing our petition, participating in upcoming public meetings, and reaching out to local officials. Your actions today will help safeguard the future of the historic Galloway School.

Scan the QR code or click the button to sign our petition today. Let's stand together in opposition against this proposed demolition and in support of our history, culture, and environment.

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What others are saying about

The Galloway School acknowledges the rich historical significance of Gresham Hall, not only through their efforts to list it on the National Register but also in how it serves as the centerpiece and symbol of their school. Considering this fact and the importance of Gresham Hall to Atlanta history, the GA Trust urges Galloway to explore ways to adaptively reuse the building to fit its current needs. The GA Trust is willing and available to discuss and assist in providing any technical assistance to help achieve a preservation solution for this significant historic resource.

W. Wright Mitchell

President and CEO

Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

Demolishing this grand old symbol and anchor of the Galloway School…would be an incomprehensible mistake... irreversible... gone forever... and not in keeping with the unique..mysterious..vibration that has for fifty plus years developed into such a special place..and a solid educational institution…

Charlie Galloway

Son of Elliott Galloway, founder of The Galloway School

A design solution exists that upgrades facilities to contemporary standards, provides proper security, creates dynamic communal spaces, connects the campus, minimizes impact to the street facade, costs less AND preserves Gresham.

David Finehirsh

Galloway School Alumni, Real Estate developer at Urban Artisan LLC

I am so very sorry to see the decision of The Galloway School to destroy the National Register of Historic Places Gresham Building. The building is not only iconic to The Galloway School, but it is an important City of Atlanta and Fulton County piece of history. It’s frankly bigger than Galloway. Destruction is not the only way forward. And I hope The Galloway School will reverse their decision and find a way to re-embrace the building they loved.

Laura Dobson

Preservation advocate and winner of 2021 Buckhead Heritage award

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Gresham Building at the Galloway School
Gresham Building at the Galloway School
The Gresham Building at the Galloway School